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Ambiant Environmental Hydraulic Fluids

Powerful, stable hydraulic fluid withstands the highest   pressures.  SVB's unique formula protects hydraulic systems, yet is 100% biodegradable in water.

Ambiant Environmental Hydraulic Fluid minimizes the risk to the environment.   And it protects your equipment. Ambiant Hydraulic Oils meet the world's strictest standards for environmental impact.

Years of testing and field use have shown that highly biodegradable lubricants can lower spill cleanup costs and environmental fines dramatically.  Ambiant lubricants are made from highly biodegradable esters and vegetable seed oils, for the ultimate in heat and wear resistance. 

Our products are over-built.  They have an extra concentrations of friction-fighting  compounds that bond with and protect metal surfaces.  Ambiant Hydraulic Oils are highly resistant to shear and wear.  They outperform ordinary oils at extreme temperatures.  Ambiant Lubricants stick, they cling, and they adhere to metal surfaces.  They don't sling or wash off.

The additives used in Ambiant Hydraulic Oils not only reduce friction, but coat hydraulic system with antiwear and antirust protection.

Try SVB Ambiant Hydraulic Fluid.  Don't wait to start protecting the environment and your equipment with a higher level of security.

Applications:  Ambiant Hydraulic Lubricants are recommended for use in all hydraulic systems where the risk to the environment must  be minimized. 

Available in ISO 32, 46, 68 grades.

Benefits:          Very highly biodegradable.   Does not leave a sheen when spilled on seawater.  Protects your equipment with friction fighters, anti-oxidants and metal passivators.

Available in:    5 gallon (19 l.) pails and 55 gallon (205 l.) drums 


Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid


Data Sheet

SVB was founded in 1997 by a management team with many years' experience formulating and manufacturing specialty lubricants.  We have facilities in Tyler, Texas and São Paulo, Brazil.

SVB specializes in the following technologies:

Compressor Oils

Synthetic Gear Oils

Transformer Oils

Specialty Greases and Lubricants

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Our Compressor Oil
Product Line:

SVB manufactures exact substitutes for the following manufacturers' lubricants:

SVB tém lubrificantes certos para compressores de Atlas Copco

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Solvent and Cleaner

SVB Industrial Flush is a specialized mixture of synthetic oils, solvents and cleaning products to clean and dissolve sludge, tar, varnish and carbonized deposits found in screw and reciprocal compressors. These deposits can be cleaned while the compressor is in operation.   It's compatible with mineral oils as well as synthetic fluids.  Contact SVB for detailed information on compatibiltiy.

SVB INDUSTRIAL FLUSH is also used to clean before conversion from mineral-based lubricants to synthetic fluids.  The cleaning process removes much more than a simple drain and flush, and prepares the compressor for longer useful life and cleaner operation with the synthetic fluid.

 SVB INDUSTRIAL FLUSH also can be used to clean hydraulic systems, gearboxes, internal combustion motors and circulating oil systems. 

 SVB INDUSTRIAL FLUSH is made to be used as an additive to the oil in operation.  It cleans, dissolves and suspends varnish and tar while the compressor or motor is still in use.   

SVB INDUSTRIAL FLUSH elimates the need to tear down a motor or compressor for effective cleaning.  For maximum benefit, use SVB Industrial Flush before each oil change.

Compressor Oils

Gear Oils

Special Greases
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Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil