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SVB makes the highest quality lubricants and transformer oils from synthetic and highly biodegradable vegetable oils.

We have factories and sales offices in Tyler, Texas and in São Paulo, Brazil.

SVB specializes in the following:

Compressor Oils - All types of synthetic oils for air, refrigeration and gas compressors.

Gear Oils -  Synthetic, Food Grade, Biodegradable

Transformer Oils - Vegetable-based, biodegradable

Specialty Greases & Lubricants:  Teflon Grease, Silicone Grease, Food Grade and high temperature lubricants and anti-corrosives, heavier-than-water lubricants.

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Tel:  (903) 231-3141 


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SVB fabrica os lubrificantes sintéticos  e óleos dielétricos altamente biodegradáveis a partir de óleos vegetais. 

A SVB tem fabricas e escritórios de vendas no Texas e São Paulo.
SVB especializa no seguinte:

Óleos para Compressores - sintéticos, semi-sintéticos, Grau Alimentícia, Glícois, Ésteres, Óleos minerais

Lubrificantes para Engrenagens - Sintéticos, Grau Alimentícia, Biodegradável

Óleos para Transformadores - com base vegetal, biodegradavel

Graxas e Lubrificantes Especiais- Graxas de Silicone e Teflon. Graxas para as temperaturas extremas. Lubrificantes para usar na água de mar.

Ligue a SVB por mais informações:  
Fixo:  11-2429-0252 ou 11-4022-6475   <<---  NOVO!
TIM:   11-9-9511-0752


Compressor Oils

Gear Oils

Special Greases
Special Lubricants

Insulating Oils

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